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So that's how! Printing options in Excel

An Excel worksheet in Print preview

Print preview shows you what the worksheet will look like when you print it. Use the buttons at the top to look through the pages or to make adjustments before printing.

Save paper, save time. Preview your worksheet before you print. Print preview shows you what the printed page will look like. You can make all sorts of adjustments to the page in this view, while seeing exactly what you'll get before you actually print.

To open print preview, you click Print Preview on the File menu.

What print preview gives you

  • A view of how your worksheet will look when printed.
  • Next and Previous buttons to see all the pages.
  • A Zoom button to switch between a full-page view and a magnified partial view.
  • A Print button to select options and to start printing.
  • A Setup button to set up the appearance of the page.
  • A Margins button to adjust page margins, header and footer margins, and column widths.
  • A Page Break Preview button to adjust page breaks. (Whether you see Page Break Preview or Normal depends on which view you were in when you clicked Print Preview.)
  • A Close button to close print preview.

In the practice at the end of this lesson, you will see how print preview works.

Note     At high screen resolutions, Zoom may not be available. You can always click the page to zoom in. The steps for how to do this are in the practice.

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