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Import data: Import text files into Excel 2003

Using Text Import Wizard to ensure that text is split into separate columns

The Text Import Wizard helps you specify how you want to divide the text into columns.

Once you've decided what import method to use, the Text Import Wizard opens (with the one exception mentioned earlier) and guides you through a three-step process that ensures that the text is correctly split into separate worksheet columns by selecting delimiters in the files.

The wizard lets you preview the data so that you can see how it looks before you do the final import. The great thing is, if the data doesn't end up looking how you want it to, you can use the wizard again in just seconds and make different choices.

The Text Import Wizard works the same whether you use the File menu method or the Data menu method. You use the wizard to see to it that the data from the text file is correctly split into columns in Excel. The wizard has three steps.

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