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Charts I: How to create a chart

The Chart Wizard

Click the Chart Wizard button on the toolbar to open the Chart Wizard.

Suppose you're looking at a worksheet that shows how many cases of Sir Rodney's Marmalade were sold by each of three salespeople in each of three months. How would you create a chart to show how the salespeople compare against each other, every month?

To begin, you would select the data that you want to chart, as well as the column and row labels.

Then you would click the Chart Wizard Button image button on the toolbar to open the Chart Wizard.

When the wizard opens, the Column chart type is selected. You could easily select another chart type, but in this case you'd accept the Column type, which is commonly used to compare items, and will get your point across.

Next you would click the Finish button at the bottom of the wizard. For a quick chart, that's all you do.

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