Manage your personal budget with Excel

Applies to
Microsoft Excel 2002

Whether you're just starting to learn to manage your finances, or you've been keeping track of expenditures for years, a family or personal budget can help you to be responsible with your money. A budget helps you compare your income with your expenses, and to plan for long-range financial goals.

Use a personal budget template

  1. Download the Personal Budget template from Templates on Microsoft Office Online. (Click the Personal Budget link under See Also, on this page.)
  2. Enter your wages and other income at the top for the month you are starting your budget. Fill out your expenses as you anticipate them or as they arise. Category totals are combined for an overall total for each month, and will help you to see your savings or shortages.
  3. Save your budget. Over time, you can open the budget again and continue to fill in your income and expenses.

For more complete financial solutions, you may want to use Microsoft Money 2004 to keep track of long-term investments, plan for taxes, and more. You can also find answers to your financial questions and check out message boards, chat sessions, recommendations, and seminars at the MSN Money Community.

Applies to:
Excel 2002