Link a chart title or text box to a worksheet cell

To easily update a chart or axis title (titles in charts: Descriptive text that is automatically aligned to an axis or centered at the top of a chart.), label, or text box that you have added to a chart, you can link it to a worksheet cell by creating a reference to that worksheet cell. Changes that you make to the worksheet cell will automatically appear in the chart.

  1. On a chart sheet (chart sheet: A sheet in a workbook that contains only a chart. A chart sheet is beneficial when you want to view a chart or a PivotChart report separately from worksheet data or a PivotTable report.) or in an embedded chart (embedded chart: A chart that is placed on a worksheet rather than on a separate chart sheet. Embedded charts are beneficial when you want to view or print a chart or a PivotChart report with its source data or other information in a worksheet.), click the title, label, or text box that you want to link to a worksheet cell.
  2. In the formula bar (formula bar: A bar at the top of the Excel window that you use to enter or edit values or formulas in cells or charts. Displays the constant value or formula stored in the active cell.), type an equal sign (=).
  3. Select the worksheet cell that contains the data or text that you want to display in the chart.

If you want to type the reference to the worksheet cell, include the sheet name followed by an exclamation point, for example, Sheet1!F2

  1. Press ENTER.
Applies to:
Excel 2003