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Import data: Import text files into Excel 2003

Data menu and File menu import methods. One lets you refresh the data, the other one doesn't

Decide the import method: One allows you to update imported data if the external data is revised, the other doesn't.

There are two different ways to import text files, so before importing the files you need to decide whether the external data may change in the future, and whether you care.

For example, you may be working on a project that you're handing off today, and there's no reason to be concerned about future changes in the original source data. You'd use one import method.

On the other hand, you'd use the other import method if you want to revise the Excel data when the external data changes. This may happen when the project is long-term and it's essential to keep the data in Excel up to date.

After the first few steps, both methods work the same. You'll use the Text Import Wizard to help you ensure that the data is imported correctly into Excel. This takes only a few seconds.

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