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So that's how! Printing options in Excel

The Fit to option in the Page Setup dialog box with settings for several pages

You can specify how many pages to print your data on.
Callout 1 Leave 1 in the page(s) wide by box to have all columns on every page.
Callout 2 Type the number of pages you want, in this case 6, in the tall box.

Imagine that you have a big worksheet with a lot of data. It definitely will not fit on one printed page, but you'd like to fit the data onto a specific number of pages. Six pages, say.

Start by clicking Setup in print preview (or in normal view, on the File menu, click Page Setup). On the Page tab, Click Fit to. Because you want to have all the columns on each page, you leave 1 in the pages(s) wide by box.

In the tall box, you enter 6. Click OK to go back to print preview. Now you see that you have six pages, and how readable they are. Click Setup to go back to the Page Setup dialog box to see the number in the % normal size box. Any number larger than 50% means the pages will probably be readable.

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