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Import data: Filter external data before importing it into Excel

Filtering and sorting data in Query Wizard

Filtering and sorting data.

In the next step of the wizard you have the option to filter the data. For example, you could import the names of new employees who were hired in one particular country instead of all countries.

Then in the next step, you could also sort the data before you import it. For example, you could sort by LastName in Ascending order, and then by HireDate in Ascending order.

Finally, you have the option to bring the data into Excel, view or edit the data in Query, or create an OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) Cube (a way to organize large business databases). These last two are advanced options, which aren't covered in this course.

Refresh the data

Once the data is imported into Excel, the External Data toolbar is available. If the external data source is updated, you can click the Refresh Data Button image button on the toolbar to update the imported data in Excel.

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