Features and limitations of XML Spreadsheet format

When you save an Microsoft Excel worksheet in XML Spreadsheet format, many Excel features are retained, but some are not. Details are listed in the following table.

Excel feature Result when saved as XML Spreadsheet
1904 date system Retained
Asterisks that mark totals for OLAP data Retained
Auditing tracer arrows Not retained
Background refresh, retrieving data for each item in a page field individually Retained
Calculated fields Retained
Calculated items Retained
Cell comments Retained
Changes to Excel source data Retained
Character and cell formatting Retained
Chart and other graphic objects Not retained
Chart sheets, Macro sheets, Dialog sheets Not retained
Conditional formatting Retained
Custom calculations Retained
Custom sort order Retained
Custom views Not retained
Customized error values and empty cell values Retained
Data consolidation References are not retained.
Data validation restrictions and messages Retained
Distributed alignment Retained
Drawing object layers Not retained
External data ranges Retained
Grouped items in fields Retained
Indented formats Retained
Indented text Retained
Labels in formulas Retained
Lists List functionality is lost, but the data is retained.
Multiple fonts in a single cell Retained
Number formats Retained
Offline cube file Retained
Outlining Not retained
Page fields in rows or columns Retained
Password settings Data in password-protected worksheets and workbooks cannot be saved. To publish data that's protected, do not use a password. You can, however, save a database password with a worksheet query; users will be required to enter the password when the XML Spreadsheet is opened.
Pattern fills Retained
PivotTable Reports Retained
Precision as displayed Retained
Printing and page setup features Retained
R1C1 reference style Retained
References to data on other worksheets Retained
Rotated or vertical text Retained
Scenarios Not retained
Shared workbook information Not retained
Subtotals Numbers and calculations are retained. Group and outline features are not retained.
Subtotals displayed at the top of item groups Retained
Thai alignment Retained
Transition settings for Lotus compatibility Retained
User-defined function categories Not retained
Visual Basic for Applications projects Not retained
Web queries Retained
Applies to:
Excel 2003