Evaluating job applicants in Excel

Applies to
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, and 2002

When you're in the process of hiring for an open position, it's very helpful to keep the job applicant data you collect in one place. A well-organized Excel worksheet might just be the answer to your applicant tracking needs.

Track and compare job applicant data using a template

For easy evaluation of job applicant data, you can take advantage of the Job Applicant Data and Comparison Table template, which was designed in Excel specifically for this purpose. The template provides the following worksheets (worksheet: The primary document that you use in Excel to store and work with data. Also called a spreadsheet. A worksheet consists of cells that are organized into columns and rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.), with columns for the various applicant details you'll want to track and compare:

  • Applicant Data, which is set up for you to enter basic applicant data, such as last name, first name, address, phone numbers, and position applied for.
  • Applicant Comparison Data, which is set up for you to enter job-related details, such as current employment data, and displays the data in a format that allows you to examine differences between the applicants.

Download the template

To download this template, use the link under See Also, on this page. When the template preview appears, click Download Now and follow the instructions on the screen.

After you download the template, it opens in Excel. Because the template was downloaded to a temporary folder on your hard drive, it's a good idea to save it to a folder you want to use for templates. On the File menu, click Save As, click the folder you want in the Save in box, and then click Save.

About Template Help

Information on using the template is available in the Template Help task pane on the right side of the screen. In the task pane, click Using This Template.

If you collect a lot of information in the template, it may be useful to apply a filter to display specific data only. For help on filtering, click Filter a range or Remove filters in the Template Help task pane.


  • To display template Help when it's not visible, click Microsoft Excel Help on the Help menu. In the task pane, click the Excel Help title bar, and then click Template Help.
  • If template Help was replaced with an Excel Help topic, simply click the Back button to return to the Template Help task pane.
Applies to:
Excel 2003