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Organize your clip art and other media

The shortcut menu of a clip

When deleting a clip in Clip Organizer you can right–click and choose where to delete it from:
Callout 1 Delete a clip from that particular collection.
Callout 2 Delete a clip from all of Clip Organizer.

There might be times when you no longer need a clip. For example, perhaps your company logo has changed and you want to make sure you only use the new one. You have several options:

  • Delete the clip reference from a particular collection.

The clip may still exist in other collections, which is a good way to edit collections if you realize that a clip doesn't really belong in a particular collection.

  • Completely delete the clip reference from Clip Organizer.

There'll be no keyword references to it and you won't find it in the Clip Art task pane either (but the actual file will still exist on your hard drive in its original file location).

  • Delete the clip from your computer altogether.

To totally remove a graphic from your hard drive, you have to remove it from the folder that it's stored in (for example, the My Pictures folder). The reference will still exist in Clip Organizer, so you need to get rid of that too.

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