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Import data: Filter external data before importing it into Excel

Create New Data Source dialog box

Callout 1 Enter a name for the data source.
Callout 2 Select a database driver from the list.
Callout 3 Then click Connect.

In this step, you need to give a name to your data source, preferably a descriptive name that will make sense to you later on.

Since you want to know the names of employees hired this year, "New Employee List" will do. That name becomes the DSN for the data source that you are creating to use now, and that you can use again in the future.

Next, you select a driver, which is software that connects to database program in the list. You're opening data from Access in this case, so choose the Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb). The next step is to click Connect.

Then you would select the Access database you want to import data from. You'll see how to do this in practice session at the end of the lesson.

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