Count down to a date

Applies to
Microsoft Excel 2000

It's easy to create a formula that counts the number of days until a future date. For example, if you count the number of days left in the year, and today is August 5, 1999, your formula would display:

149 days remaining in 1999

When you open the same workbook on August 6, you'll see:

148 days remaining in 1999

Here's the formula, and how to change it to count down to any date you want:

=DATEVALUE("1-January-2000")-TODAY()&" days remaining in 1999"
DATEVALUE("1-January-2000") provides the date of the event you're counting down to. DATEVALUE is a worksheet function that converts a date to a number that a formula can use in calculations. Substitute the date you want for 1-January-2000.
TODAY() is a function that provides today's date as a number, using the date from your computer's system clock. The formula subtracts the number for today from the number for your future date, resulting in the number of days between the two dates.
&" days remaining in 1999" displays some descriptive text following the number. Be sure to include the & and put double quotes around your text.

For more information about the worksheet functions in this formula, type DATEVALUE or TODAY in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the Excel Help window, and then click Search.