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Organize your clip art and other media

The Collection List in Clip Organizer

One clip can be referenced in several different collections. There is also a folder for unclassified clips that don't fit into any of the other folders.

All the clips cataloged in Clip Organizer are arranged in collections. They form the basic structure within Clip Organizer and are handy reference "buckets" that can help you quickly locate a particular clip.

Some collections are already in Clip Organizer, such as My Collections, Favorites, and Office Collections. Others are created for you as you use Clip Organizer and download new clips from Office Online. There can be folders within each collection. You can also create your own collections and move items between collections. You'll see how in the practice session.

Note    The Office Collections contain all the clips that are installed when you install Office.

Some clips often are referenced in more than one collection. This is normal, and it helps you find the clip more easily. For example, you might have a picture of a birthday cake in a "Food" folder and also in a "Parties" folder.

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