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So that's how! Printing options in Excel

Worksheets in Portrait and Landscape orientation, with a printer

Excel automatically prints most worksheets in vertical portrait orientation. But you can choose to print in horizontal landscape orientation.

Another way to get more columns on one page is to turn the page on its side. Excel automatically prints most pages in portrait orientation (tall). But you can change the orientation to landscape (wide).

You get more rows on the page, but fewer columns, when you print with portrait orientation. When you turn the page on its side and print with landscape orientation, you get more columns on the page, but fewer rows.

To change page orientation, in print preview click Setup (or in normal view, on the File menu, click Page Setup). On the Page tab, under Orientation, click Landscape.

You can also fit more on the page by changing to a larger paper size (from letter to legal, for example).

Finding the best combination of paper size, orientation, and margins for your data may take a few tries. That's what's so handy about print preview; it takes just a few seconds to see what results you'll get. You don't have to waste any paper, or waste your time running back and forth from your desk to the printer.

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