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Audio course: Sign your own macros for stronger security

A computer with High security and a security warning with a slash through it

It is possible to use High macro security levels and not see security warnings for your own macros.

Macro security levels are a primary defense against malicious code and viruses. You should use the High macro security level for most situations because a lower level will increase your vulnerability to malicious attack.

Personal macros, whether you write or record them, can be exceptionally useful and save you time. Unfortunately, if you use unsigned macros, the High macro security level will result in your seeing many security warnings. In fact, unsigned macros are automatically disabled at the High macro security level.

The solution is to sign your own macros. Then you'll be able to run your macros and see far fewer warnings.

If you're thinking this all sounds like a lot of hassle, comfort yourself with the thought that once it's all set up, signing each new macro is easy. And the practice session will lead you through the setup process step by step.

Note    If you want a reminder of how the macro security levels work, see the table in the Quick Reference Card.

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