Append queries

The Append operation creates a new query that contains all rows from a first query followed by all rows from a second query.

Security   Privacy Levels prevent a user from inadvertently combining data from multiple data sources, which may be private or organizational. Depending on the query, a user could inadvertently send data from the private data source to another data source that might be malicious. Power Query analyzes each data source and classifies it into the defined level of privacy: Public, Organizational, and Private. For more information about Privacy Levels, see Privacy Levels.

Perform an Append operation

You can perform two types of append operation: Intermediate Append or Inline Append. With Intermediate Append, you create a new query for each append operation. With Inline Append, you append data into your existing query until you reach a final result. The result is a new step at the end of the current query.

Inline Append

  1. In the query Preview grid, click the table icon (Table icon ) and click Append.

Intermediate Append

  1. In the POWER QUERY or Query Editor ribbon, in the Combine group, click Append. When using the Query Editor ribbon, the active query is selected as the primary table for the Append operation.
  2. In the Append dialog box, select the first and second tables (queries) to append.
  3. Click OK.

Once the Append operation completes, Power Query displays a new query in the query editor.

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Applies to:
Excel 2013, Power BI for Office 365, Excel 2010