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Import data: Import external data into Excel 2003

External Data toolbar and PivotTable toolbar

Callout 1 External Data toolbar.
Callout 2 PivotTable toolbar.

After the data is in Excel, you can filter it using AutoFilter, pivot it by using PivotTable reports, or use charts. There are links in the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course to courses on how to do these tasks.

Whichever connection type you choose, after you import the data, you can refresh the imported data if the external data source is revised with new information. That way you can keep the imported data up to date.

You can click the Refresh Data Button image button on the External Data toolbar or on the PivotTable toolbar to refresh the data. Or you can refresh the data whenever you open the workbook, or automatically refresh data at timed intervals. See the Quick Reference Card for more information about refreshing data.

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