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Charts I: How to create a chart

Descriptive chart and axes titles help readers know what the chart is about

Enter chart and axis titles in the Chart Wizard.

It's a good idea to add descriptive titles to your chart, so that readers don't have to guess what the chart's about. The Titles tab in Step 3 of the wizard has boxes for three titles for this chart: one for the chart, at the top, and one for each of the chart axes, vertical and horizontal. After the titles have been entered, they appear in the preview on this tab.

You can add a title for the chart by typing in the Chart title box. For example: Sir Rodney's Marmalade.

Next is a title box for the Category (X) axis. This is Excel's term for the categories at the bottom of the chart (January and so on). You could call this axis First Quarter Sales.

Next is a title box for the Value (Y) axis. In this chart it's the scale of numbers that show how many cases the salespeople sold. You could call this axis Cases Sold.

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