Add or delete rows or columns to an Excel list

Once you have created a list in your worksheet, there are several methods to add a row or column to your list. It is important to note that if your list is linked to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services list, you cannot add or delete a columns from the list, you may only add or delete rows.

ShowUsing the list border to expand your list

  • Click and drag the lower right corner to include columns or rows to include or remove in your list. You cannot add both rows and columns at the same time. If your columns or rows have data, it will be incorporated into the list.

ShowUsing the Resize List command on the List submenu

  1. Select a cell within the list.
  2. On the List submenu of the List toolbar, click Resize List.
  3. On the worksheet select the area that you want to add or remove from the list.


  • The headers must remain in the same row, and the resulting list must overlap part of the original list.
  • If the selection includes cells which contain data, the data will remain in the cells within the list.
  1. In the Resize List dialog box, click OK.

ShowUsing the Insert or Delete command on the List submenu

  1. Click a cell within the list where you want to add or delete a row or column.
  2. On the List submenu of the List toolbar, click Insert and click either Row or Column. To remove a row or column, On the List submenu of the List toolbar, click Delete and click either Row or Column.

ShowAdding a row using the insert row

  • Type a value in one of the cells of the insert row to quickly add data. This will automaically add the row to the end of the list and specify the next row as the insert row.

ShowAdding a row or column using auto-expansion

  • If you type in a empty row or column that is adjacent to the list, the list will automatically expand to integrate the row or column into the list.


  • You can turn off auto-expansion by unchecking the Include new rows and columns in list option on the AutoFormat As You Type tab of the AutoCorrect dialog box. This dialog box can be displayed by clicking AutoCorrect Options on the Tools menu.
  • The list will not automatically expand if you type in a row below the list if you have the total row displayed.
  • When a list is empty and only displays the header and insert row, row auto-expansion doesn't work.
Applies to:
Excel 2003