Add-in programs included with Excel

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The add-in (add-in: A supplemental program that adds custom commands or custom features to Microsoft Office.) programs listed in the following table are installed by default in one of the following places:

  • The Library folder or the Addins folder, or one of their subfolders, in the Microsoft Office\Office folder.
  • If the add-in program you want is not in the list under Add-Ins available in the Add-Ins dialog box, you might be able to install the add-in from the Microsoft Office Web site.

The administrator for your company network can designate other locations for add-in programs. See your administrator for more information.

Add-in Description
Analysis ToolPak Adds financial, statistical, and engineering analysis tools and functions.
Analysis ToolPak VBA Allows developers to publish financial, statistical, and engineering analysis tools and functions using Analysis ToolPak syntax.
Conditional Sum Wizard Creates a formula that sums data in a range if the data matches criteria you specify.
Euro Currency Tools Formats values as euros, and provides the EUROCONVERT worksheet function to convert currencies.
Internet Assistant VBA Allows developers to publish Excel data to the Web by using Internet Assistant syntax.
Lookup Wizard Creates a formula to look up data in a range by using another known value in the range.
Solver Add-In Calculates solutions to what-if scenarios (scenario: A named set of input values that you can substitute in a worksheet model.) based on adjustable cells and constraint cells.
Applies to:
Excel 2003