About getting data from a Web page

Web pages often contain information that is perfect for analysis in Microsoft Excel. For example, you can analyze stock quotes in Excel using information that comes directly from a Web page. Depending on your needs, you can retrieve data that is refreshable (that is, you can update the data in Excel with the latest data on the Web page) or you can get data from a Web page and keep it static on the worksheet.

ShowUse a Web query to get data that's refreshable

With a Web query (Web query: A query that retrieves data stored on your intranet or the Internet.), you can retrieve data such as a single table, multiple tables, or all of the text on a Web page and analyze it by using the tools and features in Excel. With the click of a button, you can easily refresh the data with the latest information from the Web page. For example, you can retrieve and update stock quotes from a public Web page, or a table of sales information from a company Web page.

Web page with table

A Web query can retrieve the data on a Web page and return it to Excel for analysis.

ShowCopy and paste static data or a refreshable query

You can use familiar copy and paste commands to bring the data from a Web page into an Excel worksheet. When you paste Web page data into Excel, you can keep the data static or make it refreshable by clicking Paste Options Button image and clicking Create Refreshable Web Query.

ShowExport data from Microsoft Office Web Components

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Applies to:
Excel 2003