About comments

Example of a worksheet comment

A comment is a note that you attach to a cell, separate from other cell content. Comments are useful as reminders to yourself, such as noting how a complex formula works, or to provide feedback to other users.

Viewing comments     Microsoft Excel provides several ways to view comments. Cells with comments have indicator triangles in the upper-right corners. If you rest the pointer over a cell that has an indicator, its comment appears. You can also display comments continuously — either individual comments or all the comments on the worksheet. The Reviewing toolbar steps you through each comment in a workbook in sequence. You can also print out the comments, either in place on the worksheet or as a list at the end of the printout.

User names in comments     Comments are identified by user name, so that you can tell who entered each comment in a shared workbook (shared workbook: A workbook set up to allow multiple users on a network to view and make changes at the same time. Each user who saves the workbook sees the changes made by other users.) or a workbook being routed to several users for review. When you merge changes from several workbooks, the comments are also combined so all comment text for a cell appears in sequence.

Applies to:
Excel 2003