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Import data: Filter external data before importing it into Excel

List of different databases you can import into Excel

You can import many different kinds of databases into Excel.

Most likely the data you want to import and filter will be stored in corporate databases. The data might be in a database on a local hard drive, or it might be in a large server database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Know what you want to import

You can use Microsoft Query to import many different kinds of data into Excel, including Microsoft Access 2000 and later, Microsoft FoxPro, Excel, Oracle, Paradox, and SQL Server.

Data Source Name (DSN) files

No matter what type of data you import, you have the option to create a Data Source Name (DSN) file when you import external data. You can reuse DSN files if you want to. These files store connection information so that you can connect to the same external data source again with fewer steps after the first time you import the data from a database.

You can also import data without creating a DSN file. You'll learn more about this as the course progresses.

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