Make workspace information available offline in Outlook and SharePoint Workspace

In Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP, you can make the data in your collaboration space available offline in products such as Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010. Then when you make updates to the offline data, the changes are reflected instantly in the collaboration space.

Being able work on offline data has many benefits -it gives you more flexibility, saves time, and improves efficiency. Typical reasons for working offline include:

  • You are traveling
  • A weak or no network connection
  • The Duet Enterprise Web site is down for maintenance

 Note    When you have made changes to data in SharePoint Workspace with no connection to the Duet Enterprise Web site, your changes will be saved and cached locally in SharePoint Workspace. Once the connection is restored, your changes will be automatically synchronized.

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Make the Contacts list available in Outlook

Once you synchronize the Contacts list in your Customers collaboration space with Outlook 2010, all contacts appear in a new contact list in Outlook. You can treat the contacts like any other Outlook contact.

To synchronize the contacts list in Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. In the Duet Enterprise Web site, open the Customers collaboration space.
  2. Click Contacts on the Quick Navigation.
  3. Click the List tab on the ribbon, and then in the Connect & Export group, click Connect to Outlook.

 Note    It may take several minutes for the list to connect to Outlook.

  1. In Outlook 2010, click SharePoint External Lists in the Navigation Pane.

You can now add or remove contacts, or update contact information, and the information is updated automatically in the contacts list in the collaboration space. You have to refresh the web page to see the latest updates.

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Make a list in a collaboration workspace available offline in SharePoint Workspace

You can make a list such as products or customers available offline in a SharePoint Workspace. You can then update the offline data which then automatically updates the list on the Duet Enterprise Web site.

  1. In the Duet Enterprise Web site, open the collaboration space that has the list you want to synchronize.
  2. Open the list from the Quick Navigation. For example, if you are in the Products space, click Products on the Quick Launch.
  3. Click the List tab on the ribbon, and then in the Connect & Export group, click Sync to SharePoint Workspace.
  4. In the Sync to Computer dialog box, click OK.
  5. When the sync process completes successfully, click Open Workspace.

You can now work on the list information in SharePoint Workspace. The content in the SharePoint workspace and the SharePoint site is automatically synchronized every 10 minutes, even if no updates have occurred. To see any updates in your online list, refresh the Web page.

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