Start a video conversation

If you have a Web camera connected to your computer, you can add video to your conversations. You do not have to enable audio to use video. However, if you are not already in an audio conversation when you start a video conversation, audio will also be enabled for the session. Video communication is available only during one-to-one conversations.

ShowTo start a video conversation

  1. In the Microsoft Office Communicator window, on the Actions menu, point to More, and then click Start a Video Conversation.
  2. In the Start a Video Conversation window, click the name of the contact whom you want to have a video conversation with, or enter a name in the Find box.

 Note   You cannot start a video conversation with a contact that is available only by phone.

  1. When the invitation is sent, the Conversation window opens with a video window session.

 Note   Use the video controls to pause and restart the video stream.

In the video conversation window, the images from your contact's video camera are shown in the large, main video display. The images from your video camera are shown in the smaller display to the lower right of the main screen. You can switch which video is shown in each pane.

ShowTo switch video displays

  • In the Video pane of the conversation window, click Switch Video.

You can show the large, main video display in full screen mode.

ShowTo show full screen video

  1. In the Video pane of the conversation window, click Show Full Screen Video.
  2. Press ESC to return to viewing the normal conversation window.

 Note   The information in this topic applies to a Microsoft Office Communicator client that is connected to a Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1. Communicator can also be connected to the Microsoft Office Communicator Live service. For more information about Communicator features that are supported by the service, see the Microsoft Office Communicator Live service home page.

Applies to:
Communicator 2005