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When I make a Lync call does it use my mobile minutes?

Yes. When you make or receive a call using Lync for your Windows Phone, it uses your mobile phone minutes. The calls are not Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. The Window Phone number that you specify during your first sign-in is used by Lync Server 2010 to set up outgoing work calls. When you make a work call, the call is routed to Lync Server 2010, which calls you back at your mobile phone number. After you answer the call, Lync Server places the call to the call recipient.

What is My Mobile Number?

The first time you sign in to Lync on your Windows Phone you are guided through adding your mobile phone number, which is the My Mobile Number. By adding your mobile phone number, you can use your mobile phone to join Lync conferences.

  1. When you first sign in, type your Windows Phone number, and then tap Next.
  2. On the next screen, tap Next to allow your work calls to simultaneously ring on your mobile phone number.
  3. To receive an alert when a Lync contact is trying to get in touch with you, on the Turn on Lync push notifications screen, select turn on.

 Note    To make changes to your call options after the first sign-in, at the bottom of the my info screen, tap Simultaneously ringing, Forwarding calls to, or Call forwarding is off, depending on what your previous call options were set to. For more information about forwarding and simultaneous ring options, see Call forward and simultaneous ring.

I don’t see all of my conversation history on my mobile phone?

The conversations history on Lync for the Windows Phone is not synced with Microsoft Exchange. When you delete a conversation on your mobile phone it’s permanently deleted.

What version of Lync Sever do I have to be on to use Lync on my mobile device?

To use Lync on your Windows Phone you’ll need to be on Cumulative Updates for Lync Sever 2010-November 2011.

For more information, contact your support team.

Which Lync features are supported on my mobile device?

For a list of supported features, see Mobile Client Comparison Tables.

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Applies to:
Lync 2010 for Windows Phone