Install Office products on your netbook or notebook: frequently asked questions

ShowHow do I install Office 2010 on my PC if I don’t have a CD/DVD drive?

To install Microsoft Office 2010 first check to see if your PC is already preloaded with Microsoft Office 2010.

  • Click the Windows Start Menu Windows Start Menu locate Office 2010 in the menu. If you see Office 2010, Office is preloaded.

To activate your preloaded copy:

  1. Click Office 2010 and on the startup screen look for the Check mark and then click Activate.
  2. When prompted enter your 25 -character Product Key located in your product packaging or confirmation e-mail, if you purchased online, to activate your software.

If you do not see Office 2010 in the Windows Start menu you need to download the software.

  1. Locate your 25-character Product Key found in your product package or confirmation email. You must have a valid, activated Office 2010 Product Key to install and activate your downloaded software.
  2. Go to
  3. Click Download
  4. When prompted, enter your 25-character Product Key and select your product language.
  5. Choose to download the software for free or order a DVD for a fee.
  6. When prompted, enter your Windows Live ID or create a new Windows Live ID account.
  7. Once you complete the process you will be presented with a link to download your software. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the download if you prefer to wait and download at a later time.
  8. When prompted, click Download now to start the download process.
  9. Save the file to your desktop. Do not change the file name.
  10. Once downloaded to your computer, double-click the file icon on your desktop to install your software.

ShowWhat is the Microsoft Office Product Key Card?

The Office Product Key Card is a single Office license. Product Key Cards make installation fast and easy. Customers who purchase a PC that has the Office 2010 suites preloaded on their PC can purchase a Product Key Card for one of the three Office 2010 suites and use the 25-character Product Key inside the package to install the software on their PC. The Product Key Card package does not include a disc.

ShowWhere do I find my Office 2010 Product Key?

Your Product Key is 25 characters and is found in different locations depending on how you acquired Office 2010.

Traditional Disc

If you purchased Office on a traditional disc the Product Key should be located inside the package on a label on the card opposite the disc holder on the left side of the DVD case.

Product Key location in the DVD case

Product Key Card

If you purchased an Office Product Key Card the Product Key should be located inside the package on a label on the left side of the case.

Product Key location in the Product Key Card case

Note: If the Product Key is not inside the package please review the instructions in the package.  You may be required to retrieve your Product Key from


If you purchased and downloaded Office online the Product Key should be on the confirmation page and/or e-mail that was sent to you when you downloaded the software.

Preloaded on New PC

If you purchased a new computer with Office preloaded the manufacturer of your computer should have included either media or a Microsoft Product Identifier card in the box that has the Product Key.  The Product Key is located on the Certificate of Authenticity and should look similar to the following:

Product Key location on the Certificate of Authenticity

ShowWill Microsoft Office 2010 run on my netbook PC?

Yes, if your netbook PC meets the necessary Office 2010 system requirements you can install and run it on your netbook PC.

ShowWhat are the Microsoft Office 2010 system requirements?

ShowHow do I know if I am eligible to download a Microsoft Office 2010 product from this site?

If you purchased your Office 2010 product from Microsoft or an authorized reseller or it came preloaded on your new PC and you have a valid Office 2010 Product Key, then you are eligible to download Microsoft Office 2010 product from this site. Microsoft Project and Visio are also available for download from this site.

ShowHow do I install an individual Microsoft Office application such as Publisher on my netbook?

If you have a stand-alone application such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher that was purchased individually (not part of the Office Suite) you can download the individual applications from this site. See the download instructions. If you have a Microsoft Office suite you must first download the Office suite to your netbook PC and during installation select Custom installation and select only the individual applications you want to install on your netbook.

ShowI have Microsoft Works and a Trial version of Office 2007 preloaded on my PC. Will an Office 2010 Product Key unlock this preloaded software?

No, a Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key will not unlock the Office 2007 version. If you purchase Office 2010 you can install your software and during the set-up process Microsoft Works and Office 2007 trial will be removed.

ShowHow long does it take to download Microsoft Office 2010?

Download times vary by location and internet speed connection. It is recommended only high-speed broadband connections are used to download your file(s). The following are estimates of how long it will take for each file to download depending on your connection speed.

Microsoft Home and Business 2010 Click-to-Run

(600 MB)

Microsoft Office

Professional 2010

(800 MB)

Microsoft Project

Professional 2010

(232 MB)


Visio Premium 2010


1 Mbps 88 minutes 125 minutes 39 minutes 48 minutes
3 Mbps 30 minutes 47 minutes 16 minutes 19 minutes
6 Mbps 10 minutes 27 minutes 11 minutes 12 minutes

ShowWhat is Click-to-Run?

Click-to-Run is a new way to download and install Microsoft Office which uses virtualization to allow you to use your Office program as they are streamlined and cached to your computer. Click-to-Run is automatically used if your connection speed meets the connection speed minimums.

ShowI want to install Microsoft Word on my netbook but not all of the other Office applications. Can I just install one application?

Yes, during the installation process please select Custom installation and select the individual applications you want installed on your netbook.

ShowWhat Microsoft Office software is available for download from this site?

The following Microsoft products can be downloaded from this site.

  • Office Professional 2010
  • Office Home and Business 2010
  • Office Home and Student 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Microsoft InfoPath 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Standard 2010
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Project Standard 2010
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2010

ShowCan I download an Office 2010 Academic version from this site?

If you purchased an Academic version, you can download the corresponding regular Office 2010 product from this site. For example, if you purchased Office Professional Academic 2010, you can download Office Professional 2010.

ShowI tried to download Office 2010 to my netbook but my Product Key was rejected. What do I do?

If your Product Key is not accepted, verify that you have entered your Product Key correctly, using the capitalization and hyphens. If the system is still not able to validate your Product Key please contact customer support.

ShowCan I download more than one product at the same time?

No, each qualifying product must be downloaded separately. The site will verify one product key at a time.

ShowCan I download a 64-bit version of Office 2010?

Yes, a 64-bit Office 2010 product backup is available. However, we recommend most users install the 32-bit version of Office 2010. The 64-bit installation of Microsoft Office 2010 products are for users who commonly use very large documents or data sets and need Office 2010 programs to access greater than 2GB of memory. There are some technical limitations with the 64-bit version and in order to install a 64-bit version of your Office 2010 product you must have a 64-bit supported operating system on your PC.

ShowIf I need to reinstall my Office product what do I do?

If you ever need to reinstall Office on your netbook go to to download another copy. You will need your original Product Key.

ShowI need help with my Office 2010 upgrade, who should I contact for support?

  • For DVD online store purchases, downloads, or Product Key questions, please contact Microsoft Online ESD Support.
  • If you purchased Office 2010 from a retail store, for technical assistance (including software installation/un-installation, product activation and product use), please contact Microsoft Support.
  • If you purchased a computer with Office 2010 pre-installed, for technical assistance (including software installation/un-installation, product activation and product use), please contact the manufacturer of your PC.

ShowWhich software does Microsoft’s Product Key Card Terms apply to?

If your license designation is “PKC,” use of the software downloaded from this site is governed by the “Product Key Card” terms portion of the Microsoft Software License Terms and the first clause of that agreement is amended to read as follows:

These license terms are an agreement between Microsoft Corporation (or based on where you live, one of its affiliates) and you. Please read them. They apply to the software (i) which is downloaded from this site and (ii) which is named on the PRODUCT KEY CARD you have purchased.

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