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Fly 222 million passengers.
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Cutting costs is not the only thing the Scandinavian outdoor brand Helly Hansen achieved with Office 365. The company also improved communications, accelerated its business processes, and gave its employees multiple ways to connect with one another—connections that are always available and simple to use, and that work together seamlessly.
“For the IT team, which is spread over five countries, being able to have all of our meetings online has been an amazing transformation.”
—Sandy Abrahams, IT director, Helly Hansen
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New York State chooses Office 365
Office 365 is a cloud juggernaut. Its latest customer, New York State, is moving 120,000 employees to the cloud solution, saving $3M.
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Why small business needs the cloud
The cloud is uniquely suited to small businesses trying to grow fast, because it requires less upfront costs and saves long-term costs.
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Study finds gap in cloud perception, reality
60% said they were concerned about data security. But small businesses actually using cloud services responded very differently.
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The global beauty retailer capitalized on new devices and anywhere access to information to improve productivity and enhance the work-life balance for their employees.
“Work is becoming more meshed with our personal lives, but we do not want people to work more—we just want them to stay connected and be able to work from wherever they are.”
—Shah Nagree, Vice President of IT Operations and Store Systems at Sephora
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BYOD is unavoidable
A TechRepublic survey reveals that 62% of companies already have bring-your-own-device allowances or plan to by the end of 2013.
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Office Garage takes on Office mobility
No surprise here: Office 365 mobility is excellent and getting better all the time.
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A leading provider of integrated communications, with more than 130,000 employees in 24 countries across Europe and Latin America, Telefónica is harnessing the full power of their workforce and enabling new ways for its employees to collaborate, communicate, and share ideas.
“By reducing our IT spend by 15 percent through the use of Microsoft cloud software and services, we free up money to spend on creating new innovative services to make the business more competitive.”
—Adrian Steel, Global Head of Infrastructure, Telefónica
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Business should make the case for the cloud
Though the typical enterprise cloud budget is now $10 million, most in IT still don't understand its business case.
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2014 enterprise trends: hybrid cloud
If you thought the hybrid cloud was hyped already, just wait. And software-defined everything will be spouted from vendors.
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Cloud infographic: cloud collaboration
Cloud collaboration is important in any business. It can impact quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, accountability, and the bottom line.
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The luxury sports car maker implemented Office 365 to help their employees stay focused on producing great sports cars instead of worrying about storage, capacity planning, external access, or downtime. This gives employees time to address core business problems and improves their productivity.
“Intellectual property is one of Aston Martin’s most valuable assets, and we trust Microsoft technologies to keep it safe. We are very comfortable that Microsoft will be able to maintain a secure service.”
—Daniel Roach-Rooke, IT Infrastructure Manager, Aston Martin
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3 reasons for MSPs to choose Office 365
Though many companies use Google Apps for Business, one managed services provider (MSP) owner has stayed with Office 365 for 3 reasons.
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Microsoft adds two-factor authentication
Microsoft quietly rolled out support for two-factor authentication in its Lync client as part of its July cumulative update.
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50 GB mailboxes for Office 365
Microsoft doubles its cloud email storage capacity for users and streaks ahead of Google Apps.
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