Inventory reports

Available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

The Inventory reports track prices, profitability, and transactions affecting the value of items in inventory, as well as the current status and count of items in inventory.

For detailed information about how to view individual transaction details, or modify, display, save, print, or export the report data, see Working with reports.

Item Price List

The Item Price List report shows the current price for all your product and service items as of a specified date.

Inventory Valuation

The Inventory Valuation report lists all transactions affecting each inventory item and the impact on the number and value of stock on hand.

Inventory Stock Status by Item

The Inventory Stock Status by Item report lists items currently in stock as of a specified date by item group.

Physical Inventory Worksheet

The Physical Inventory Worksheet report is a printable checklist that can be used to take a physical count of your inventory. You can use this information to trace theft, track shrinkage, and make adjustments to the financial records to bring them in line with the physical count.

Item Profitability

The Item Profitability report helps you fine-tune your marketing efforts by providing a detailed view of the profit margin from the sales of items over a period of time. The report displays the current month to date when you first open it.

Applies to:
Accounting 2008