Download payroll

If you use Payroll for Microsoft Office Accounting, you can download your payroll records to journal entries in your payroll accounts in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. The journal entries include the total payment that may be grouped by employee or company. To get detailed information, see your Payroll for Office Accounting account online.

 Note   The journal entries contain pay type information that you can view in the Transaction Detail by Account report. After you download payroll for the first time, the Pay Type field is available in the Time Entry form and in timesheets.

Before you begin, have your Payroll for Office Accounting account information (user ID and password) ready and make sure you have an active Internet connection.

  1. On the Employees menu, click Download Pay Runs.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Download Pay Runs page.
  3. To save your payroll records in a journal entry, click Save and Close.
Applies to:
Accounting 2009