Deposit form: options and information

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008 only.

You can record deposits of payments from customers on the Deposit form. Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 lists all undeposited received payments that have been posted to the Undeposited Funds account. All received payments that are selected and additional lines that you add will be deposited in the account you select.

 Tip   *If you frequently create deposits that contain the same information, you can save a deposit as a template that you can reuse. For more information, see Create a recurring document.

Open the form

  • On the Banking menu, click Make Deposit.

Adjust a deposit

After you record a deposit, you cannot delete it. If you need to change a deposit, you cannot edit it. You must mark it void, and then create a new deposit. If you void a deposit, all customer payments on that deposit will reappear when you open a new Deposit form.

You can add additional lines below the listed customer payments to:

  • Receive payments that do not result from customer invoices.
  • Record payments made to vendors that do not result from bills.
  • Account for expenses incurred with cash held back from a deposit.

 Note   If you add additional lines to the form, you cannot enter information in the Date, No., and Payment Method columns.

Form options

ShowForm options and descriptions

Options Description
Top section of Form
Date Displays the current date. To enter a different date, click the arrow to open the calendar.
Deposit in (Required.) Click the arrow to select the bank account that you are depositing the funds into. Select Add a new Bank Account to create a new bank account.
Memo Type additional information about the transaction. This is for internal use only.
Payments received
Check box Select the check boxes of the received payments that you want to include in the deposit. To select all customer payments, select the check box next to Date. To remove all selections, clear the check box next to Date.
Date Displays the entry date for a payment receipt. If you add a line to the deposit, the date is the deposit date.
No. Displays the transaction number of a payment receipt.
Payment Method Displays the type of payment that was received (for example, cash, check, or credit card).

Displays the category of a line item. For example, a received payment is a Customer type or a line item that records the use for cash held back from a deposit is a Financial Account type.

 Note   If you add a line to the deposit, click the arrow and then select Financial Account, Vendor, or Customer. The Type you select determines the options in the Account column.


Office Accounting 2008 enters the customer name for each received payment.

 Note   If you add a line to the deposit, the options in this column are based on the line item Type selection.

Reference Displays the reference information for a line item. For example, the check number of a customer payment or a description of an expense.
Class The Class field is available if you select to track your transactions by class in the Preferences dialog box.

Displays the amount of a line item.

 Note   If you are adding line items to account for cash held back from a deposit, you can type negative amounts.

*When Microsoft Office Accounting 2008 is set to use foreign currency, the column displays the amount in the account currency.

*Currency Displays the code for the currency used for the deposit when Office Accounting 2008 is set to use foreign currency.
*Amount (USD) The amount of the deposit in U.S. dollars (USD) when Office Accounting 2008 is set to use foreign currency.
Bottom section of form
Cash-back account To receive cash back from a deposit, click the arrow to select the account that you want to charge. To add a new account, select Add a new Financial Account.
Cash-back memo Type information about a cash-back transaction, such as the use for it.
Cash-back amount If you are receiving cash back from the total deposit, type the amount.
Total Displays the total amount of all line items minus any cash-back amount.

For more information about using foreign currency in Accounting 2008, see Use foreign currency.

Additional actions

ShowActions menu commands

On the Actions menu, you can select the following commands.

Click To
New Deposit Open a new Deposit form.

Void a deposit opened from a bank account register.

 Note   All payments associated with the voided deposit reappear on the Deposit form.


Click to save the document as a template that you can reuse.

Transaction History Open the Transaction History report for the open record.
Transaction Journal Open the Transaction Journal report for the open record.

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