Useful shortcut keys in Access

Applies to
Microsoft Office Access 2003
Microsoft Access 2000 and 2002

Do you find that using the keyboard is sometimes quicker than using your mouse? Shortcut keys can help you bypass menus and carry out commands directly. You can use shortcut keys in many ways with Access, from accessing commands and toolbar buttons to inserting today's date. Shortcut keys are sometimes listed next to the command name on Access menus. For example, on the File menu, the Print command lists the shortcut CTRL+P.

For a comprehensive list of shortcut keys, ask the Office Assistant for help. In Access 2000 or any of the other Office 2000 applications, press F1 to display the Assistant, and then type shortcut keys in the text box. Here are some of the most useful Access shortcuts:

Activity Shortcut key
Insert today's date CTRL+;
Insert the current time CTRL+:
Insert a carriage return in a memo or text field CTRL+ENTER
Insert the data from the same field in the previous record CTRL+'
Undo the changes you have made to the current field ESC
Undo the changes you have made to the current record ESC ESC (press ESC twice)
Display the database window F11
Open a new database CTRL+N
Open an existing database CTRL+O
Switch between the Visual Basic® Editor and the previous active window ALT+F11
Find and replace CTRL+F
Paste CTRL+V
Print CTRL+P

Additional Resources

For more information, download Office 2000 Document: A List of Useful Shortcut Keys.

Applies to:
Access 2003