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Queries III: Use expressions and other criteria

Using wildcards in a parameter query

At times, you won't know the full name of a product or other value in your database. When that happens, your parameter query may not return the correct results, or any results at all. To work around that problem, you can use the Like operator and wildcard characters with your parameter.

Callout 1 In Design view, add the Like operator to your criteria, and then place a wildcard character on one or both ends of the parameter. The picture shows you how — you surround each wildcard with double quotes, and use the ampersand to append the wildcards to the parameter.
Callout 2 When you run the query, it prompts you for input. But unlike the example in the previous section, you can enter a partial value and let the wildcards find the rest of the data.

There's more to using wildcards than we can show you here, so for more information about using them, see the sixth course in this series. You'll find a link in the Quick Reference Card.

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