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Table that data

Access practice file and practice instructions

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Practice in Access
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In this practice, you'll consider how tables should be structured. For the first practice exercise, you can use pen and paper, a table in Microsoft Word, or a worksheet in Microsoft Excel. You can also use Microsoft Access if you know how to use it to create a table; if you don't know yet, don't worry, we'll show you in the next lesson.

In the second exercise, you'll look at some already created Access tables.

About the practice session

When you click Practice in Access, you may see a security warning. When you click Open in the Security Warning dialog box, a practice database will download to your computer and open in Access, and a separate window with practice instructions will appear alongside (see picture).

Note     You need to have Access 2003 installed on your computer.


  • If the practice instructions aren't visible, or if they disappear when you click in Access, click the Access Help taskbar button and then click the Auto Tile button in the upper-left corner of the instructions.
  • If the practice instructions cover up Access, click the Auto Tile button in the upper-left corner of the instructions.

Before you begin

Make sure to close Access if it is already running.

Start the practice

Click the Practice in Access button now.

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