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Forms II: Use subforms

Switching focus between a form and a subform

Callout 1 Switch to the subform by clicking it anywhere.
Callout 2 Switch to the main form by clicking any of its controls.

You can view or enter data in a main form and in a subform by switching back and forth between them to move through their records or to add new records.

  • To switch to the subform from the main form, click anywhere in the subform.
  • To switch to the main form from the subform, click a control on the main form (not the background of the main form).

If you click the background of the main form, the subform will remain active. If you click a control on the main form, that control becomes active.

The same rules apply to nested subforms. To move down in the levels of nesting, click anywhere in the subform you want to use. To move up in the nesting levels, click a control on the form you want to use.

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