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Queries II: Create basic select queries

Adding selection criteria to a query

Selection criteria identify the specific data you want to retrieve. For example, if you're hungry for lunch, you might want to display only lunch recipes. To do that, you have to be familiar with your data, because the criteria has to match the values that you're trying to find.

Callout 1 Start by exploring your data and identifying the value you want to use as your criteria.
Callout 2 Create your query. Add all the fields you need to see in your results.
Callout 3 Enter your criteria in the Criteria row of the design grid.
Callout 4 When you run the query, it returns only the records that match your criteria. In this case, it's lunch recipes.

Criteria can be as simple as "Lunch" or more complex. You can also include multiple criteria, such as lunch and dinner recipes that contain chicken, and you can compare values. For example, you can query for all recipes that have more than 200 calories per serving. The rest of the courses in this series explain how to use criteria, and you'll find links to more information in the Quick Reference Card.

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