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Choose between Access and Excel

Good reasons to use Access

Access = greater access to data.

So here are a few more reasons to use Access:

  • Do you need to help users enter data? For example, some users find it hard to enter data in a grid of cells. With Access, you can work around that problem by creating data entry forms that make it easier to enter data accurately.
  • Do your users need reports? With Access, you can create reports that users can run at any time.
  • Access is also a better choice when you need to have multiple users working on the data at the same time. Several users can work on the same data, because Access locks a record only while a user changes it. You can share an Excel workbook with several users, but the process works best when users change data in Excel at separate times.
  • If you need to connect to several data sources and edit the data directly in those sources, then Access is your choice. You can view external data with Excel, but you can't change that data.
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