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Queries II: Create basic select queries

Hiding a field from a result set

Hide a field with just a click

Sometimes you'll want to hide some of the data that a query retrieves. The information may not be necessary, or you may not want to advertise the criteria that you used in the query.

For example, if you've named your query Lunch Recipes, you need to see recipe names and descriptions, but you don't need to see the WhichMeal field, because the query only returns recipes for lunches.

To hide a field, you clear the Show checkbox for that field in the design grid, as shown in the picture. If you've specified criteria for the field you want to hide, that criteria will still apply and limit your result set. For example, the query in the picture will still return only lunch recipes.

You can select or clear the Show box for each field any time you open a query in Design view. The Show box also lets you reuse a query but display only some of the results. For example, if you need only a subset of the data on a particular occasion, you can hide the fields you don't need instead of creating a new query.

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