Set alternate row color for a data access page

To display alternate rows in the header and footer sections of a group in a different color, the DataPageSize property of the group must be set to a value greater than 1.

  1. Open a data access page in Design view (Design view: A view that shows the design of these database objects: tables, queries, forms, reports, and macros. In Design view, you can create new database objects and modify the design of existing objects.).
  2. Click the arrow on the header section bar (section bar: The horizontal bar above a data access page section in Design view. The section bar displays the type and name of the section. Use it to access the section's property sheet.) of the group for which you want to set the color, and then select Group Level Properties.
  3. Set the AlternateRowColor property to the color you want.

 Note   The default alternate row color for headers and footers in new data access pages is whitesmoke. You can change the default setting by changing the value of the AlternateRowColor property on the Pages tab in the Options dialog box.

Applies to:
Access 2003