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Queries I: Get started with queries

Running a query

Fresh data, with just a click.

You run a query whenever you open it, and whenever you use the Run command on the Ribbon. Whenever you run a query, it takes the latest data from your record source and loads the results into a datasheet. The data returned by a query is called a record set.

You can use a record set like you use a table. For example, you can change or add data, sort, filter, and print. You can also use your record set as a data source for forms and reports.

Remember, your select queries never store data. Instead, they store your design — your record source, and any sorts, filters, or calculations — and when you need fresh data you simply rerun the query. You can also build as many queries as you need. For example, you can create queries that calculate sales totals for each quarter, and the entire year. Finally, queries are easy to revise, so if you don't set them up right the first time, or if your needs change, you can edit your queries.

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