Resize a column or row

  1. Open a table, query, or form in Datasheet view (Datasheet view: A view that displays data from a table, form, query, view, or stored procedure in a row-and-column format. In Datasheet view, you can edit fields, add and delete data, and search for data.).
  2. Do one or both of the following:

ShowResize a column

Changing the column width or sizing it to fit its data

Do one of the following:

To resize a column to a specific width, position the pointer on the right edge of the column you want to resize, as shown in the illustration, and drag until the column is the desired size.

To size a column to fit its data, double-click the right edge of the column heading.

ShowResize rows

Changing the row height for all rows

Position the pointer between any two record selectors (record selector: A small box or bar to the left of a record that you can click to select the entire record in Datasheet view and Form view.) at the left side of the datasheet, as shown in the preceding illustration, and drag until the rows are the desired size.

 Note   You can't undo changes to the width of columns using the Undo command on the Edit menu. To undo changes, close the datasheet, and then click No to All when asked if you want to save changes to the layout of the datasheet. This will also undo any other layout changes you have made.

Applies to:
Access 2003