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Queries VII: Query multiple sources for data

Creating a query that uses an inner join

You can use the Query Wizard or Design view to create a multi-source query. We'll use Design view because it gives you the most control over your queries.

Callout 1 Start the query designer and add your record source. Notice any joins between the tables. That means Access is using a relationship for the join, or it found two fields it could join automatically. Remember, that only happens if both fields have the same name, matching or compatible data types, and one of the fields is a primary key. If you don't see a join, you can create one, and we'll show you how in just a bit.
Callout 2 Add the fields that you want to see in your result set, and …
Callout 3 Run your query to test it.

As you can see, building a multi-source query isn't that much different from querying a single table. Next, let's look at using outer joins.

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