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Create queries for a new Access 2007 database

Building a query from multiple data sources

Finally, you can use multiple tables, or other queries, as the recordsource for a new query. The Query Wizard is the easiest way to do that type of job, especially if you're new to Access. This type of query is a way to answer questions such as which assets came from which suppliers.

Note Remember that any tables in the recordsource must participate in a relationship. If the tables aren't related, the query gives you all the data from each table, and your results won't mean anything. For example, you can't extract the names of your employees from one source and the assets that they use from another unless those tables are related.

Callout 1 On the Create tab, in the Other group, click Query Wizard.
Callout 2 Complete the wizard. As part of that process, select the tables and fields you want to use as your recordsource, and ...
Callout 3 Give your new query a descriptive name, and remember to avoid using spaces in the name.

You'll get a chance to try the Query Wizard during the practice, so keep going.

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