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Queries III: Create parameter queries that prompt users for input

Prompt text entered into the Design view grid

Use the Criteria field to enter the text you want to appear as a prompt for users.

In the next step, we'll switch to Design view so that we can specify what criteria values we want to use to narrow down your query. This will be the value that you or another user will be prompted to enter when the query is run.

In this case, the criteria value to search for is the Region field, because you want to provide a list of donors based on their region.

So, how do we get the query to prompt people to enter the value? It's fairly simple: You enter the text that will appear when someone runs the query and put brackets around the text, as shown in the illustration.

To make sure people will know what to enter when they are prompted, make your text as clear as possible. You might consider including an example.

For this query, we'll use this prompt text: "[Enter the region to search for, such as North]."

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