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Queries I: Get started with queries

The building blocks of a select query

From a lot of data, just the facts you need.

A query is how you ask questions of, and get answers from, your data. For example, say your database tracks products and customers. You can query for data for any number of products and see how well they sold last month.

If you want it to, a query can also process data. For example, you can find the sales for last month and calculate performance figures for each office. And you can do more than just find data. For example, you can use a query to add last month's inventory figures to your database. You can also use queries as data sources for forms, reports, and even other queries.

Let's start by looking at the types of queries you can create in Access, but remember that throughout these courses, we'll focus on creating and using select queries — queries that retrieve data from one or more tables. They're the most common type of query, and knowing how to build them will give you a good foundation for working with more complex types of queries.

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