Print information about the design of a table in Access

Applies to
Microsoft Access 97 and 2000

In Access, the Print command on the File menu is not available when you are in Design view of a table. However, you can use the Database Documenter to create and print a report that displays comprehensive information about the design of a table.

To print information about the design of a table

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Analyze, and then click Analyze.
  2. In the Documenter dialog box, click the Tables tab, and select the check box next to the table you want.
  3. Click Options to specify which features you want to print, and then click OK.
  4. To create the report, click OK in the Documenter dialog box.
  5. To print the report, click Print on the File menu.

 Note   When you are in Design view of a table, you can press ALT+PRINT SCREEN to copy the image to the Clipboard and then paste the image into another program, such as Paint, which is available with Microsoft Windows® 95 or later. You can then print the image. However, the values that appear under Field Properties in the lower part of the window apply only to the field that was selected when you copied the image.

For more information about the Database Documenter, type print table design in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the Help window, and then click Search.