Open an Access data file on a network by using a UNC address

You might want to open a Microsoft Access data file (Microsoft Access file: A database or project file. In Access 2007, database objects and data are stored in .accdb files. Earlier versions use.mdb files. An Access project file doesn't contain data, and is used to connect to a SQL Server database.) on a network share by using a UNC (universal naming convention (UNC): A naming convention for files that provides a machine-independent means of locating the file. Rather than specifying a drive letter and path, a UNC name uses the syntax \\server\share\path\filename.) path, instead of using the drive letter of a mapped network drive in Microsoft Windows Explorer. A drive letter can vary from one computer to another or may not always be defined, whereas a UNC path is a reliable and consistent way for Access to locate the Access data file.

  1. On the File menu, click Open Button image.
  2. In the File name box, type the UNC address for the network share you want, and then press ENTER.

For example, type \\Computer1\Files to open an Access data file on the Files share of the Computer1 server.

  1. In the folder list, locate and open the Access data file you want.


To open an Access data file on a network share you've recently opened by using a UNC address, click the arrow next to the File name box within the Open dialog box, and then click the UNC connection.

Applies to:
Access 2003