Office Online Clip Art and Media: More clips than you ever imagined

Applies to
Microsoft Office 2000

You probably already know that you can use the Microsoft Clip Gallery to quickly add imaginative pictures to projects you are working on in your favorite Office programs.

What you may not know is that there's lots more clip art where that came from, on the Office Online Clip Art and Media Web site.

Check out the site for thousands of photographic images, sounds, motion clips, and pieces of clip art in numerous different categories. Microsoft adds new clips monthly, and you can download everything for free!

When you download clips from Office Online Clip Art and Media, they are installed on your hard disk and added to your existing collection of Clip Gallery clips.

  1. Start Clip Gallery as you typically would.
  2. Click the tab corresponding to the type of clip that you downloaded (Pictures, Sounds, or Motion Clips).
  3. Click Downloaded Clips.