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Create tables for a new database

Adding quick start fields to table

Quick Start fields are a faster way to build parts of a new table. The fields capture data for common business needs, and all field names and data types are set for you.

Callout 1 With a table open in Datasheet view, click the Fields tab, and in the Add & Delete group, click More Fields. A list appears.
Callout 2 Scroll down the list until you see the Quick Start section, click the type of fields you want to use, such as Address, or Name, and...
Callout 3 Access adds the fields for you, with field names data types already set.

You can use the new fields right away — just start entering data — or you can rename them, and remove fields you don't need. Also, you may have noticed what seem to be spaces in the field names. Don’t worry, you’re not looking at the actual field names. Instead, you’re looking at captions, user-friendly text associated with each field name. You’ll see how to set captions, and how to add and remove fields, during the practice.

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